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Partlow Educational Consulting

Our Philosophy

At Partlow Educational Consulting, we believe that there is a right-fit college for every student who wants to go to college. We also believe that preparing for and applying to college should be a well thought-out process spanning over time that involves academic preparation and the exploration of a variety of colleges to discover the best fit. Further, we believe that once students discover their passions and recognize their talents and strengths, they also should understand the various careers that will allow them to use those talents and strengths. We recognize that as individuals grow and evolve, while their talents and strengths do not change much over time, the careers in which they desire to apply them may change. The strategic plan that follows guides the work that we do and how we do that work.

The mission of Partlow Educational Consulting is to provide information and expertise to guide students through the college application process and career planning as they prepare for and complete their post-secondary experiences.

Our vision is that all students will pursue their passions through careers that are rewarding and fulfilling to them and that will allow them to use their strengths and talents to contribute positively to society.

We work with students from elementary school through college by providing individual advising, seminars and workshops about college and career planning.

*Partlow Educational Consulting adheres to the guidelines set forth in the Independent Educational Consultant Association Principles of Good Practice and the National Association of College Admission Counseling Statement of Principles of Good Practice. As such, Partlow Educational Consulting does not claim to be able to and can not guarantee admission into any institution, program or service nor does it make references or referrals for placement in exchange for compensation.


At Partlow Educational Consulting, we are guided by the following values:

Integrity - We serve clients with professionalism, respect and honesty.

Empathy - We work with a spirit of compassion and understanding as students learn about themselves and travel on their journeys to success as they define it.

Inclusion - We support students with diverse college and career aspirations and with a broad range of academic records.

Communication - We decipher, summarize and effectively communicate the vast amount of information about college admission as well as post-secondary resources and opportunities for students.

Service - We are dedicated to providing an expert level of professional, value-added service with an emphasis on timely follow-up and feedback.

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